Cable Company Changes

Mediacom Raises Surcharges
In January 2015, Mediacom raised its Local Broadcast Station and Regional Sports Network surcharges by a combined total of $1.01 per month, as explained in this letter.  Mediacom says these surcharges highlight the skyrocketing costs of programming and provide some transparency in cable rates.  At the same time, the cost of HBO increased one dollar per month.
Mediacom Regional Sports Network Surcharge
In October 2014, Mediacom implemented a $1.83 per month surcharge to offset the costs of carrying various regional sports networks on its system in Dubuque (read the letter).  This is similar to a local broadcast station surcharge they implemented to offset their increased costs for carrying local broadcast stations.  This surcharge does not affect people who subscribe to the broadcast basic tier, because there are no regional sports networks on that tier.
Local Access Channel Changes
At the City of Dubuque's request, Mediacom made some changes to the local public, educational, and governmental (PEG) access channels.  Dubuque's two public access channels have been consolidated into one, Channel 81 (digital 85.4).  The vacant channel is now a second governmental access channel airing CityChannel graphics and local NOAA weather radio audio.

Local PEG Channels

Dubuque's Local PEG Channels
Channel Name Channel Digital Channel
CityChannel Dubuque 8 85.2
CityChannel Graphics 80 85.3
Public Access 81 85.4
Shared Educational 15 85.5
Dubuque Community Schools 16 85.6
New Mediacom Fee
In May 2014 Mediacom began implementing a charge of $5 per month for customers who rent a DVR box but choose to cancel their DVR service without returning the DVR box.  At the same time, they standardized "the Electronic Reactivation of Account and Electronic Change of Service Fees at rates of $2 companywide."  Read Mediacom's letter.
Mediacom Breaks Out Bill
Mediacom's latest rate change went into effect in February 2014 at which time they began including the City franchise fee and public, educational, and governmental (PEG) equipment fee as a separate line item on billing statements sent to subscribers.  The rate changes are listed below.  Read the full text of Mediacom's letter notifying the City of these changes.  Mediacom pays a franchise fee to the City of 5% of its gross revenues for its cable/video service and a fee of 1.75% of the same gross revenues for PEG support.  The franchise fee is paid because Mediacom occupies the public right-of-way in order to offer its service.  Mediacom pays no franchise fee for revenue its receives from its Internet or phone service.
Table of cable rates & fees