Advertise on the bus!

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Interior Bus Advertising 

Advertising space is available on the interior of buses. The advertiser is responsible for the design and printing of all posters.
Posters must be 11 inches high and can be as long as 17 inches. Heavy cardstock is recommended to ensure that the ad remains intact for the display period. 16 posters should be printed to accommodate all available fixed route buses.  Click here for Frequently Asked Questions and advertising rates.

 Non-profit organizations advertise for free on the interior of buses.

Exterior Bus Advertising

The Jule’s bus advertising program provides coverage throughout the entire city.  All buses are rotated along different routes, so an advertiser is not limited to a specific area of the community. The Jule has three types of vehicles, Light Duty (small) Medium Duty (medium) and Heavy Duty (large). Eight different exterior ad space options are available.

For more information including a detailed list of ad space options and prices, please view the


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Bus ad pricing includes production and installation of the advertisement and the "rental" of the space for the term of the contract.

Contract Terms:

Contracts are generally signed for one to two years, but shorter terms are available for short-term campaigns. Click here for a sample contract.

All ad production and installation is completed through McCullough Creative, Inc. and was awarded through a competitive bidding process. 
All billing for production and installation is included through the contract with The Jule unless otherwise negotiated.  


A template for each bus style is provided and the customer is responsible for creating their ad design. Design must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the contract start date to insure sufficient time for review, production and installation. Links to download the design templates are below:

Light Duty
Medium Duty
Heavy Duty

​You Promote Us, We'll Promote You

The Jule is launching a collaborative marketing program. For example, a coffee shop could create a Jule inspired drink and The Jule would offer one month of free interior bus advertising in return. Contact The Jule if your organization has a product or service it would like to co-promote. 


Yvette Bahena
Transit Confidential Account Clerk