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Bee Branch Creek Keystone Overlook

- Dubuque Racing Association
The daylighting and rebuilding of Bee Branch Creek starts at the 24th Street Overlook and connects Comiskey Park along the Bee Branch Creek to Chaplain Schmitt Island and the Mississippi River. From the overlook, the view will be perfect on a summer day to admire the water, children playing, walkers, bicyclists, and more.


Eagle's Watch Audubon Overlook

- U.S. Bank
Many have enjoyed the eagles in the past at the 16th Street overlook. With the naturally landscaped 16th Street pond, you can stop and enjoy the natural beauty and take in the view. This newly enhanced overlook will provide a great resting stop along off the Heritage Trail’s newest addition.


Sycamore Gazebo Overlook

- Dupaco Community Credit Union
It will be the talk of the town and a beautiful addition to the neighborhood and community. The transformation of this area will astound you and change the face of this former industrial area into a greenbelt and gateway. Both of these will be apparent from this overlook.


Creekside Amphitheatre

  - Premier Bank
Imagine taking in a little music or a performance of children from Audubon School in the Creekside Amphitheater. The backdrop will be native grasses and a quiet creek. Maybe it will be a quiet place to read a book. The possibilities are endless.


Water's Edge Trail

This sidetrip off the main trail gets you near the water. It provides accessibility for all to enjoy the sights and sounds of Bee Branch Creek.


Mississippi River Trail Connection

  - Dubuque Bank & Trust
This trail connection picks up the Heritage Trail and connects to the trail at Pyatigosk Park and the Mississippi River Trail. This 1/2 mile segment of trail will be busy from the day it gets constructed. Its connections will make it popular for residents as well as visitors to our area.

Community Supporter


Memorial Bench

In each Dubuque project, benches along the trails and greenways have been enjoyed by many and will continue to be for years to come. This project will host many residents and visitors who will enjoy relaxing along the Bee Branch Creek greenway.



It’s the greening of Dubuque’s North End Neighborhood. One thousand new trees will be a part of the Bee Branch project adding shade, air purification, and beauty.


Brick Paver

Everyone has a chance to participate in the America’s River III campaign. Buy a brick paver in memory of a loved one or in recognition of a business or organization.

For additional information, call the City Manager's Office at 563.589.4110.