Community Gardens

There is an exciting development in Dubuque, called Community Gardens. Currently there are six different opportunities throughout the city to be involved in this aspect of Local Food. The benefits of Community Gardens are myriad, including producing nutritious food, beautifying neighborhoods, preserving green space, stimulating social interaction, not to mention helping to reduce family food budgets. Listed below is information about each of these garden projects.

Dubuque Jaycees Community Gardens
Location: Veterans Memorial Park, 2700 Northview Dr
Contact: Scott Breitfelder (563-583-5555) Visit us on facebook!
Goal: Promote self-sufficiency, environmental stewardsip and the merits of a healthy lifestyle.  Provides a water supply and is surrounded by a deer fence.  It includes eight in-gorund and six raised garden beds, along with two waist-high beds for gardeners with limited mobility.
Eligibility: Anyone. Income-based fee waivers are available.
: $30 for in-ground and raised beds; $40 for waist-high beds. A $25 refundable deposit is required; to be returned if the plot is cleared after harvest. Deadline to reserve a plot is May 1st.        
: Dubuque Jaycees, City of Dubuque

Wading Pool Gardens
: Citywide, at participating residences         
Contact: Jerelyn O'Connor at 563-589-4326 or by email.          
: Self-sufficiency, community pride, promote healthier lifestyles. Participants will receive garden materials and will be monitored by a garden guide throughout the season.         
Eligibility: Priority will be given to those who live in low to moderate income neighborhoods and child care, educational, group and nursing institutions.
Price: None. If selected, participants will receive pool, soil mixture, and seeds free of cost.           
Sponsor: St. Luke's United Methodist Church, with funding from the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque and The Virgil and Norma Denlinger Family Foundation

Four Mounds Community Garden
Locaiton: 4392 Peru Rd
Contact: Chris Olson
Goal: Provide community garden space to any interested party. In-ground garden plots available for annual rental. Large plots can be made available for special rates. Limited water and no supplied fencing. $25 Deposit required for all size
Eligibility: Anyone.
Price: $30 for 15 foot x 15 foot plot; $40 for 15 foot x 30 foot plot (per year) $1 per 10 square foot larger than 500 square
Sponsor: Four Mounds

Dr. Viner Garden (Crescent Community Health Center)
21st Street between Elm and Kneist Streets
Contact: Kathy Eldridge-Hutton
Goal: Health & wellness
Eligibility: Plots are open to Crescent patients first; the remainder are open to anyone.
Price: No cost for plots
Sponsor: Crescent Community Health Center

Washington Neighborhood Community Garden
18th & Washington St
Contact: Megan Starr
Goal: Provide Community Garden space to residents of the Washington Neighborhood
Eligibility: Resident of the Washington Neighborhood (Approximately the area between 11th and 22nd streets and Central Ave. and Elm Street)
Price: No cost for plots
Sponsor: Washington Neighborhood Development Corporation

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