Health Services

The Health Services Department collaborates in community health assessment, assurance, and policy development to ensure the public’s health. Its prime responsibility is to plan programs, develop and implement policies and ordinances based on community health needs, and respond to related health issues and emergencies as required, all in collaboration with community partners.

January is Radon Action Month
Did you know?  At least half of Iowa homes have an elevated Radon level!
Visit our Seasonal/Current Disease Outbreak Information Page to view an important News Release from the Iowa Department of Public Health on Radon.
Dubuque County Health Needs Assessment and Health Improvement Plan (CHNA-HIP)
Take part in assessing our community's health needs by participating in this brief survey.

The community's input is a very valuable part of developing a new CHNA-HIP for Dubuque and Dubuque County.  This project is sponsored by:
Dubuque County Health Department
City of Dubuque Health Services Department
Mercy Medical Center- Dubuque
UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital
Mercy Medical Center- Dyersville
Crescent Community Health Center
Visiting Nurses Association

 County Health Assessment Summary

Dubuque County CHNA-HIP 2011 - 2015 

Measles & Rubella
If you'd like more information on these diseases, visit the CDC's information page here.
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