Impact! Dubuque

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Improve and strengthen the Dubuque community by maximizing volunteer opportunities for all residents, non-profits and civic agencies through strategic service around six focus areas. 
Create a Dubuque community where service is a standard that fosters social cohesion, neighborhood interaction and community engagement resulting in a more safe, inclusive and prospering Dubuque.
What is Impact! Dubuque?

Dubuque has a long, proud history of people stepping forward to benefit the community, one helping hand at a time. Volunteerism allows you to share your skills and learn new ones, and it ensures the availability of services in our community.  Friendships and connections are the reward for everyone.  

Impact! Dubuque is an initiative focused on inspiring people to volunteer in various organizations that are involved in collaborative, cross-organizational initiatives focused on impacting a specific and identified need in the community within one of six core focus areas: economic opportunity, education, environmental stewardship, intercultural learning, disaster services and veterans and military families.

Whether you are a student, retired, employed and have a busy family, there is something to fit every schedule. The opportunities are endless. Everyone is important to make this collective effort a success.

How can I Impact! Dubuque?

There are multiple ways to get connected to a volunteer opportunity.  You can connect to an opportunity associated with current City initiatives by clicking on the focus area important to you and then contacting the partners who have opportunities in those areas.

If you do not see something listed on our page with the six core focus areas, you can register with  United Way of Dubuque and search opportunities.