Landlord Services

Free Tenant Screening
The City of Dubuque wants landlords to be successful.  Screening applications is a proven way to stabilize rental properties, increase occupancies and reduce complaints.  Please help keep our neighborhoods safe, housing well-maintained, and tenants accountable.  FREE NATIONWIDE CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS of prospective tenants is offered by the Dubuque Police Department to registered landlords.  Click here for more information on this program.

Tenant Database
The City of Dubuque has established a Tenant Database which contains information compiled from landlords owning rental property in the City of Dubuque, property management companies managing rental property in the City of Dubuque, and Iowa District Court Records.

Landlords who would like to participate in submitting information to this database may fill out a Tenant Database Submission Form and submit it to the Dubuque Police Department Records Division at 855 Central Avenue.  This can be done electronically, in person, or by faxing it to (563) 587-3849.

Landlords wishing to receive information from the database must sign and submit a waiver of release to the Police Department Records Division where it will remain on file.

For questions regarding this information, please contact Police Records (563) 589-4443.

Other Landlord-Tenant Issues
Please contact Community Policing for other landlord-tenant issues.