Environmental Health


The Environmental Health department:
  • Responds to citizen weed, garbage, and nuisance complaints
  • Inspects tanning and tattoo facilities   
  • Inspects public swimming pools and spas
  • Provides information on indoor air quality and other environmental issues


Smoking Regulations/Smoke Free Air Act

Clean Air/Path Forward Plan

Current Air Quality
Advance PM 2.5 Path Forward Plan for Dubuque Metro Area

Bedbug Information

Bedbug information.

More information.

Bedbug Do's & Don'ts

Bedbug FAQ's

Disposal of Unused Medications

Downtown Disposal Box: The Dubuque County Sheriff's Office has a disposal container for unused medications at the Dubuque Law Enforcement Center at 770 Iowa Street. It is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Illegal drugs are also accepted. KDTH has more information here.
TakeAway: Unused and expired medications can be properly disposed of at pharmacies across Iowa through TakeAway, Iowa’s medication disposal program. Over 330 pharmacies have TakeAway systems to collect unused medications. To learn more about what medications can be disposed of through TakeAway and to find a participating pharmacy near you, visit www.iarx.org/takeaway.

Safer Swimming

What's in your cannonball?
Steps for Healthy Swimming