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Join Circles and help us end poverty, one friendship at a time. 

Check out our list of opportunities below.  When you find something you like, contact us at or stop by a Circles Community Meeting to pick up an application!  

Weekly Community Meetings: Where the Action Happens
Every Tuesday 5:30-8:00 PM
Prescott Elementary, 1151 White Street, Dubuque


Circles Kids' Corner Opportunities

Limited access to quality, affordable childcare is a common barrier for struggling families.  On Tuesday nights, Circles breaks down this barrier for our participants and volunteers.  Kids' Corner provides a safe and educational place for Circles kids while their parents work to end poverty for themselves and for their community. 

Inspire a Child
Breaking the cycle of poverty often starts with our children.
Kids' Corner Volunteers 
Play, read, mentor and have a blast with our Circles kids! Work with several other volunteers under the guidance of AmeriCorps leaders to provide a safe, fun and educational experience for children. Must be 18 years of age or older, and be able to help at least two nights per month.   Click here for more details.
Face painting
Music time
An excellent opportunity for Education, Social Work or related majors, this internship focuses on implementing quality child programming for Circles.  Interns will have the opportunity to develop and lead lessons and activities, assist with the planning of field trips and provide support in recruiting and training volunteers.  Email us for details
AmeriCorps Positions
If you love working with children, have a knack for planning and leading and a desire to help end the cycle of poverty in Dubuque, Circles AmeriCorps positions may be the perfect opportunity for you.   Email us for details

Ally Opportunities

It can be easy to forget how significant the impact of having strong social supports has on our lives.  Who do you go to when you need advice?  What about when tragedy strikes?  Who do you trust to babysit your kids?  Good connections can even lead to better job opportunities.  Poverty is often an isolating and lonely experience.  Circles connects people to a strong community filled with caring individuals who offer their time and support-- and eventually, friendship. 

As Simple as Building Friendship 
Partner with someone in poverty as they work toward their dreams.

     Ad Hoc Allies 
   Building Friendship  

Allies build intentional relationships with families and individuals who want to get out of poverty.  This is the foundation of the work we do at Circles.  Side by side with a team of fellow Allies, you will support someone as they work to reach their goals.  Become an Ally and change a life!  Click here for more details  
Ad Hoc Ally
While Allies focus on building long term support and friendship, Ad Hoc Allies provide focused, short-term skill building opportunities for individuals in poverty.  You will have the chance to share your skills-- you might teach an individual how to type or write a resume, tutor an adult learner or even show someone how to knit.  Our needs change regularly, so please call for current openings.    
Click here for more details

The Circles Initiative offers various internships for students in fields such as Communication, Marketing & PR, Social Work, Education and related areas.  These opportunities offer an extremely valuable chance to build and hone career skills, while taking part in an incredible movement to end poverty.  Email us

Guiding Coalition Opportunities

Circles is run almost entirely by a group of dedicated volunteers who care deeply for their community, and hold the vision that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed and contribute.  The Guiding Coalition secures the initiative's sustainability by focusing on practical tasks to accomplish our goals.  Serving on the Coalition offers a chance to make a significant and lasting impact in Dubuque.   

Break Down Barriers
Make a lasting impact through awareness, systemic change and strong community.

Guiding Coalition Member
Work with fellow team members to help end poverty in our community!  Members choose a Team, where they will focus on one specific area, such as:  breaking down barriers so Circles families can reach their goals; creating opportunities for learning and growth; finding resources to support the initiative and its participants; or recruiting and welcoming new volunteers.   Click here for more details
Family Fun Night
GC meeting

Guiding Coalition Team Leader
Provide guidance and leadership for one of the five teams of the Guiding Coalition.  Delegate tasks, set attainable goals and work with your team to reach these goals.  This is an excellent opportuntity if you have leadership skills and a desire to give back in a impactful way.  Click here for more details

Guiding Coalition Chair & Co-Chair
If you area leader who is passionate about making an impact on poverty here in Dubuque, please contact us for more information about Chairing or Co-Chairing our Coalition.  Email us

Opportunities to Provide a Meal
 Weekly Community Meetings are where the action happens.  Circle Leaders and Allies bond and build friendship, the Guiding Coalition comes together to plan and newcomers are welcomed.  By providing childcare and meals at every meeting, we break down barriers that could keep families from attending.  If you or someone you know would like to provide a meal for Circles, please check our wish list for available dates and email us

Thank you to all of our generous volunteers, sponsors, and supporters!    


What circle do YOU belong to?