DBQ IQ Water Management

What’s your “water IQ?” Do you know how many gallons of water your home or business used last week? Did you know that a “running” toilet leak can waste 200 gallons or more every day and could add $60 to your monthly water bill?

DBQ IQ is a water management “dashboard” that provides volunteer users online access to water usage data specific to their utility account. The dashboard displays the customer’s daily water consumption in gallons in context with weather data (temperature and precipitation). DBQ IQ also allows users to compare a particular period of consumption to their average consumption, compare their consumption to other averages, and setup automatic leak or backflow alerts to be sent to them by email. The data can be displayed as a graph or in table form. A “daily water budget” is also offered and is calculated based on the account’s average water use for that day of the week. Click here to view a DBQ IQ informational flyer.
Current City of Dubuque water customers interested in using this tool can register here. There is no fee to use the service and the only requirement of users is internet access. To complete the registration process, you will need your most recent utility bill to provide:
  • your account number, 
  • your name as it appears on the bill, and 
  • your service meter number.

Visit the links to the left for frequently asked questions and sample screenshots from the DBQ IQ dashboard. For additional information, call 563-589-4143 or email.
Download the DBQ IQ Quickstart User Guide
Email for DBQ IQ Support
DBQ IQ Portal