Jule to School

*Changes to student transportation effective August 1, 2016*

Beginning on August 1, 2016, K-12 Students will notice the following changes when boarding The Jule.

Students ages 11 to 18 must either: 
  • Purchase an annual pass  for $10 and swipe the card each time they ride the bus
  • Pay the bus fare each time they ride the bus
Students ages 6 to 10 must either:
  • Pick up their FREE annual pass and swipe the card

    each time they ride the bus

    to ride free
  • Pay the bus fare 

    each time they ride the bus

If students fail to swipe their card or pay the fare each time they board, they may be denied service.

K-12 Student Jule Transportation

The Jule transports students to and from school on regularly scheduled routes that are open to the general public with buses stopping at regular bus stops along those routes. Click here for a map showing The Jule's route system and schools served by each route.

Most schools have a bus stop within three to five blocks of their main entrance. Click here for a list of schools and corresponding bus stop locations and routes.

Students must abide by the Jule’s Passenger Code of Conduct. Violations of the Passenger Code of Conduct can result in immediate removal from the bus or suspension from public transit services, depending on the severity of the infraction.  The Jule staff will coordinate discipline measures with the student’s principal and parents/guardians. The standard suspension structure is below:

First Incident                    2 week suspension from public transit services
Second Incident               30 day suspension from public transit services
Third Incident                   Suspension from public transit services for the remainder of the school year

All Jule buses are outfitted with multiple interior and exterior security cameras for driver and passenger safety and policy enforcement.

Guide for Transit in Schools
A Guide for Transit in Schools is available to help increase the awareness of The Jule Transit for students in grades K-8.  These materials were created to increase interest and excitement for public transit and to help students become aware of alternative transportation opportunities in the City of Dubuque.

Teachers may contact The Jule office to request a classroom presentation and/or a package of bus maps for the use with this guide.