My Brother's Keeper

Dubuque has joined over 100 cities across the nation in accepting the “My Brother’s Keeper” Community Challenge. The initiative was launched this fall by President Obama and challenges communities to ensure that efforts to support youth in meeting their potential are effectively reaching those youth most at risk, particularly young men of color.

Mayor Roy D. Buol noted that the challenge is consistent with Dubuque’s efforts to ensure a more livable, viable, and equitable community for all. Specifically, the challenge encourages communities to focus on efforts around these six goals: • All children enter school cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally ready • All children read at grade level by 3rd grade • All youth graduate from high school • All youth complete post-secondary education or training • All youth out of school are employed • All youth remain safe from violent crime Our challenge as a community is to continue to deliver and create opportunities for measurable progress in these areas for all youth in our community. “Anyone concerned with the economic future of our community, our families, our neighborhoods, or our country, should know that empowering our youth, especially those most at risk, is an investment in our shared future, and our collective prosperity,” said Mayor Roy D. Buol.


My Brother's Keeper Action Plan