Stephanie Sailer

- Swisher, Iowa

Artist's Statement

Awakening depicts a seedpod unfurling into new life. Tendrils are seen in a moment of unraveling as they stretch and reach toward the sky after winter hibernation. Each tendril arches toward the sun, slowly shifting from the hard protective shell to the vibrant air above. As humans, we take part in this perpetual process but never truly see the simplistic beauty around us. Awakening is an attempt to enlarge the beautiful form of a seedpod and this first stretch of life to a size that allows us to view, acknowledge, and appreciate.

Artist's Bio

Currently, Stephanie is an Academic Advisor at the University of Iowa.  She graduated in 2008 from the University of Kansas with her MFA in sculpture and preceded this study by attending the University of Northern Iowa for her BFA in painting and photography.

Recently, she showed work in Cape Girardeau, MO and West Des Moines, IA.   She's shown work in multiple places in Iowa, Kansas, Tennessee, Maryland, and New York.  Permanent sculptures can be found in Jackson, TN & at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls.  

Sales information

Price - $8,000
Material and Construction - Awakening is made out of 14 gauge mild steel.  The bottom portion has a rusted finish, while the top portion is painted in layers of Rustoleum paint.  
Dimensions - 4ft (W) x 8ft (H) x 3ft (D)
Weight - 200 lbs