City Expands Ability to Raise Hens
In August 2014, the City changed its ordinances and now allows the keeping of chickens and ducks for egg production (hens only) on residentially-zoned property. The change means that there is now no permitting process or cap on the number of hens a person can own. Roosters are still banned. For more information about the City's requirements and raising hens, click here.

Sustainable Dubuque is more than a City initiative; it's a community value.

Click here to visit the community Sustainable Dubuque webpage and check out the community calendar, find out more about how businesses and neighborhoods are getting involved, and have access to local and national resources to help you in your quest towards creating a more viable, livable and equitable community.

Sustainable Dubuque Community Grants Available

$2,500 community project grants are available to organizations, businesses and passionate residents.   Approved projects will incorporate Sustainable Dubuque principles and include an element of community engagement and/or education.  Click here to download the application.

Grant applications are reviewed quarterly, based on funding availability.  The next deadline is January 1, 2017.

Dubuque's Approach

In 2006 and every year since, the Mayor and City Council identified becoming a more Sustainable City as one of their top priorities for our community. 

is defined by a community’s ability to meet the environmental, economic, and social equity needs of today without reducing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Sustainable Dubuque is a holistic approach to making our community more sustainable. Our model involves a three-part approach that addresses:
  • Environmental and Ecological Integrity
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Social and Cultural Vibrancy        
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Sustainable Dubuque
Each of these pieces is important individually and helps contribute to a sustainable community. Find out more about how the model works.  

Download the Sustainable Dubuque brochure to see how Dubuque is Creating a National Model for Sustainability.