Information for Residents

Going green in Dubuque is about improving our programs and lifestyles to become more efficient and sustainable. The City of Dubuque is doing its part to incorporate the Sustainable Dubuque vision into the way it delivers services to citizens. Adopting sustainability practices in a variety of ways helps to save citizens money, protect the environment and improve the quality of life for residents. A Green Team has been established to review City operations and policies to better address the 12 Sustainability Principles. Examples of ways sustainability is already being incorporated into municipal departments, operations and services provided include:

Capital Improvement Projects
The CIP, as the plan for the City’s physical development effort, attempts to address a variety of needs that the City must meet if it is to maintain its physical facilities, meet its service commitments and provide for its future development. The CIP reflects the City’s comprehensive plan, the goals and priorities established by the City Council as well as the 12 Sustainability Principles.

Materials Management: "Waste" is a Verb not a Noun
City of Dubuque customers have several collection services available to properly dispose of a variety of materials. The materials include refuse, recyclables, yard debris and food scraps. A fee- based collection option is also available for appliances, tires, and larger items or volumes. For information on these options, or to decrease your trash volume, see the Solid Waste page.

Rack and Ride Program
The City of Dubuque’s Transit Division The Jule, in partnership with Tri-State Trail Vision, has installed bicycle racks on the fronts of all of The Jule fixed-route buses. The Dubuque “Rack & Ride” Program allows Jule passengers to use the bicycle racks free of charge with the purchase of a regular bus fare ticket.

Unified Development Code
The City’s Unified Development Code (UDC) combines the City’s previous Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, Historic Preservation Ordinance, and portions of the Building Code into one document while integrating sustainability principles throughout.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory
In August 2010 the Dubuque City Council adopted the Dubuque Greenhouse Gas Inventory, the first step in developing a Climate Action Plan (CAP) for Dubuque. The inventory measures gases emitted by City operations for the baseline year 2003, and again for 2007, and predicts future emissions if operations continue “business as usual” and it gives the City a tool to set emission reduction targets to improve and maintain healthy air quality.

The Historic Millwork District
This Historic District is saturated with history. It imbues the area with authenticity and character while offering valuable lessons about the importance of sustainable urban design strategies.

Intercultural Competency Program
Intercultural competence means the ability to work well with people who come from backgrounds and experiences that might be different from one’s own. The City of Dubuque initiated a multi-year intercultural competence training and organizational development initiative for City staff.