Bee Branch Creek Restoration Project

America’s River III
The City of Dubuque’s Bee Branch Creek Restoration Project involves the phased construction of a 4,500-foot long open waterway from the 16th Street Detention Basin along the Mississippi River to Comiskey Park. This nearly $60 million project will reduce the risk of storm water flood damage to 1,155 properties in one of Dubuque’s oldest and most-challenged neighborhoods.

The project's final design includes the creation of a “linear park” along the open waterway with amenities including an amphitheater, bike/hike trails, benches, bridges, lighting, and landscaping. In addition to serving as a storm water management component, the Bee Branch Creek Restoration Project will create a community attraction for residents and visitors, improve the quality of life for neighborhood residents, serve as a catalyst for economic development, and positively impact property values. Completion of the project will also promote and enhance recreational opportunities on and near the Mississippi River. The project’s linear park and amenities will create a mile-long corridor connecting the Mississippi River and our many riverfront attractions to Dubuque’s North End neighborhood and Heritage Trail.

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Project Amenities
Lower Bee Branch
Upper Bee Branch

Project Updates:
Donation Opportunities
America’s River III gives the general public and the private sector an opportunity to support the amenities portion of the project which is designed to make the project area a community attraction through the incorporation of amenities including hike/bike trails, bridges, gazebos, overlooks, an amphitheater, benches, lighting, and 1,000 new trees. These amenities are expected to attract residents and visitors and will connect the attractions of Chaplain Schmitt Memorial Island with Dubuque’s North End and the Dubuque portion of Heritage Trail, which stretches to the west edge of Dubuque County and the Field of Dreams. For information on donating, click here.
  • Dredge 16th St. Detention Basin
  • Excavate approx. 265,000 cubic yards of soil
  • Deconstruct and remove 6 residential and 2 non-residential properties
  • Construct 100 foot-long Sycamore Street bridge and 110 foot-long 16th Street bridge
  • Reconstruct nearly 1,900 feet of 36-inch diameter sanitary sewer
  • Upgrade 16th Street water main from 8-inch to 12-inch main
  • Add 2,180 feet of new storm sewer ranging from 15 to 84 inches in diameter
  • Build overlook with gazebo
  • Plant nearly 500 trees

  • Deconstruct and remove 38 residential and 8 non-residential properties
  • Hiking/biking path along entire waterway
  • Landscape and planting over 500 additional trees
  • Plaza, park benches, drinking fountains, lighting, trash receptacles
  • Kniest Street Park
  • Amphitheater near Audubon Elementary