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Arts & Culture Master Plan Working Group Form

  1. 15-20 Members representing a diverse cross-section of community leaders from the arts, local government, business, higher education and non-profit sectors Meet quarterly for status updates

  2. Participates in and oversees process Reports to City Council Monitors progress and adjusts course as needed

  3. Responsible for: Communication plan Facilitation of meetings Organize quarterly implementation workshops with Council

  4. Study individual priorities in the Master Plan in-depth, seek community input, and share findings with the Master Plan Implementation Task Force and Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission.

  5. DESCRIPTION: This group focuses on policies that demystify the process for application to and exhibition of Public Art. It assesses the elements and environment needed to foster expanded public art activity and support mechanisms for potential public art programs within the city and externally.

  6. DESCRIPTION: This group will recommend and execute communication concepts consistent with the established identity of Dubuque. They will focus on creating a uniting identity, focusing on and established brand concepts, promotion of the implementation process and the success of the Master Plan and improving the internal messaging about the arts with in the Dubuque community.

  7. DESCRIPTION: This group generates policy support for artists and entrepreneurs and recommends activities that create the environment to support the sector. The assist in the review of regulations, ordinances and incentives that affect the emerging local arts industry that will improve recruitment and retention of creative industries in the city

  8. DESCRIPTION: This group focuses on the inclusion of neighborhoods in different areas in Dubuque, creating and maintaining awareness of the other; improving access to existing programs, fostering a welcoming atmosphere, create a model for engagement of marginalized groups and traditionally included groups

  9. DESCRIPTION: This group focuses on partnerships that lead to investment in the arts, percent for art initiatives, discovery of new funding streams and resources, cultivation of resources of individuals, businesses and community

  10. Please identify any personal or professional affiliations that are relevant or prohibitive

  11. Briefly elaborate on why you are interested in participating on the selected committee and how your participation would benefit the group.

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