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Arts & Culture Master Plan Task Force Form

  1. 20-30 Members representing a diverse cross-section of community leaders from the arts, local government, business, higher education and non-profit sectors Meet quarterly for status updates

  2. Participates in and oversees process Reports to council Monitors progress and adjusts course as needed

  3. Responsible for: Communication plan Facilitation of meetings Organize quarterly implementation workshops with Council

  4. Study individual priorities in the Master Plan in-depth, seek community input, and share findings with the Steering Committee and Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission.

  5. ◘ Priority A (a) ◘ Priority B (c)

  6. ◘ Priority A (d,e) ◘ Priority B (d)

  7. ◘ Priority A (b,c) ◘ Priority D (d)

  8. ◘ Priority C ◘ Priority D

  9. ◘ Priority A (a) ◘ Priority B ◘ Priority D (c)

  10. Please identify any personal or professional affiliations that are relevant or prohibitive

  11. Elaborate on why you are interested in contributing to the selected committee and how your participation would benefit the group.

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