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Bee Branch Future Recreational Space

  1. The former Blum Co. located at E. 16th and Elm streets served as a scrap yard and recycling facility for over 50 years. The site is currently contaminated with hazardous substances which make it unsuitable for redevelopment without remediation. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded the City of Dubuque grants through its Brownfields program to cleanup the former scrap yard. The Brownfields cleanup and redevelopment process will include the redevelopment of the brick, four-story building along Elm St. into a maintenance facility which will store equipment and provide work space for employees assigned to maintaining the creek. In addition to a maintenance facility, the City plans to redevelop the remainder of the property into a recreational space adjoining the creek. A plan for the recreational space has not yet been developed. First, we want your ideas! What types of activities and equipment do you think will best serve our community?

  2. After reviewing the following activities, equipment, and playscapes, please vote for your three favorite concepts. Please note, the photos featured below are examples only.

  3. accessible boat ramp web

  4. shaded fishing pier

  5. Universal access to the water could include an ADA accessible kayak and canoe launch and fishing pier or platform.

  6. nature play area logs rocks web

  7. woods themed playground_web

  8. Natural playscapes are areas where kids can play with natural elements such as wood, rocks, water, sand, and living plants. They feature as little man-made components as possible and are designed with the intent of bringing children and people back to nature.

  9. biek park bentonville web

  10. scooter playground_web

  11. Bike and scooter playgrounds include tunnels, bridges, ramps, and pump tracks to help riders of all ages develop their skills.

  12. blue-ash-summit2-720_web

  13. climbing wall at Si View Park_web

  14. Climbing equipment comes in all shapes and sizes -- from rock climbing walls to net climbers. Climbing builds muscle and endurance, improves coordination, reduces stress, and requires problem solving.

  15. outdoor fitness_web

  16. Outdoor Fitness Equipment_web

  17. Outdoor fitness equipment is a great way to encourage a community to exercise in playgrounds and parks. Equipment can be installed as a cluster of outdoor exercise stations or installed along a trail.

  18. Mini Safety Village web

  19. traffic garden_web

  20. Many would-be cyclists are too intimidated by traffic to hit the road on two wheels. A traffic garden gives both kids and adults a place to practice and learn road rules. These mini streetscapes typically include crosswalks, multi-lane roads, turn lanes, roundabouts, and more.

  21. Multi-Sport Game Court_web

  22. Multi-court-outdoor_web

  23. Multi-sport courts convert between basketball, tennis, volleyball, roller hockey, tennis, shuffleboard, hopscotch, four square, kickball, badminton, and more all on one court.

  24. partyroom4_web

  25. yoga room_web

  26. A community room could be used for City of Dubuque Leisure Services recreation and education programs and be available to rent for birthday parties, baby showers, family gatherings, fitness classes, neighborhood meetings, and more. This room could potentially be located on one of the upper floors of the building being redeveloped along Elm Street. This would provide scenic views of the Bee Branch Creek and 16th St. Detention Basin.

  27. outdoor community space_web

  28. outdoor gathering space marie_web

  29. An outdoor public space would serve as a gathering spot to help promote social interaction and a sense of community. Gathering spaces create an inviting atmosphere where people can come to relax or be active.

  30. Nashville park_web

  31. 16_RCHS_GrandPark_Playground_Simmons_IMG_4562A1_web

  32. These completely unique playscapes feature AstroTurf covered hills, valleys, and stairs along with seesaws, balance boards, tunnels, slides, and other interactive equipment.

  33. small park pavilion_web

  34. picnic shelter_web

  35. A small park pavilion would provide seating and shade along the Bee Branch Creek for a small picnic or gathering with friends and family.

  36. sandbox village_web

  37. giant sandbox beach_web

  38. Like a huge sand box - these sand areas are great for kids and adults who love to dig, build sand creations, or sit back and relax with their toes in the sand.

  39. Do you have other ideas for the space? Submit them here!

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