NEW - The University Avenue and N. Grandview Avenue intersection is being developed into and urban, single-lane roundabout, with construction taking place the summer of 2018.

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Project rendering
A roundabout is a one-way circular intersection engineered to reduce congestion, save time, and maximize safety.  

Every roundabout relies on certain fundamental characteristics including:
  • Traffic traveling at a counterclockwise flow around a center island
  • Vehicles entering the roundabout are required to yield to both pedestrians and existing traffic
  • Curvature of the structure results in lower vehicle speeds within the roundabout
  • Vehicles exiting the roundabout do so by displaying a turn signal and veering toward desired exit
Pedestrians should cross at crosswalks only, and should never walk across the circulating lane to the center island. 

Helpful Documents

Click here to access informational flyers and brochures regarding roundabouts.