2009 Art on the River

Purple Haze River Objects Red Road Home Hooked

Purple Haze River Objects Red Road Home Hooked 

Zig Zag Boogie Woogie Monolith Mantra V City Mouse Kneeling Communication Tower
Zig Zag
Boogie Woogie 
Mantra V 
City Mouse  Kneeling Communication Tower
 Two-Headed Trojan Ducky  You're So Vane  Wedges II      
Trojan Ducky 
*2009 People's Choice Award*
You're So Vane Wedges II      

Downloadable Brochure and Map
Download a walking tour brochure or map that shows where all of the sculptures are located. 

Sales Information
All of the pieces are for sale and will be on display until June 2010.  Click here for more information on materials used in the sculpture, dimensions, weight, and sales prices.

Click here to watch a video of Art on the River 4.

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Vote for your favorite