Zig Zag Boogie Woogie

2009 Art on the River Sculpture

Bill Wood - Fairfax, Virginia

Artist's Statement: This piece came to life when I wondered if I could take simple shapes and structured pattern and make the work look different from all four sides. One of the differences between indoor and outdoor sculpture is the interplay between the piece and its surroundings. Inside we accept space as being finite -- walls, ceiling and floors set boundaries which we tend not to think beyond. Outdoors we know that the space is limitless. Inside, the light is constant. Outside, the light changes minute to minute, creating different highlights and shadows throughout the day and night. In my work I use reflective surfaces that capture and manipulate the light and images of the surrounding area. 
Zig Zag Boogie Woogie
Jurists' Comments:
"I thought that this stainless steel, multiple module sculpture will work well on the grassy areas of the river walk. Its scale, strong planes and angles are a handsome contrast to the green of the grass, fluid movements of the clouds and waves of the Mississippi. Zig Zag Boggie Woogie also will visually work harmoniously with the contemporary architecture of the Grand River Center and Grand Harbor Resort."

"Zig Zag Boogie Woogie is perhaps my favorite as a formalist sculpture installation. The multiple views of this sculpture were intriguing with each vantage point seemingly referring to a different sculpture. The alignments, repetition, light and shadows all work together to make this a visually exciting public sculpture that focuses your attention more to the ground plane than up into the air."