Monolith Mantra V

2009 Art on the River Sculpture

Bilhenry Walker - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Artist's Statement: This sculpture is vertical and very complex in its structure. This work has figurative allusions from some viewpoints, but is not referential from others.

Jurists' Comments:
"This slick steel and aluminum, powder coated angular vertical sculpture looks to belong in our high tech world. The sharp industrial feel of this sculpture and its use of materials and processes suggests the philosophy of 'show the process,' developed early last century. I like the idea of the man-made and industrial feeling of Monolith Mantra V and how it will be in sharp contrast to the bluffs and the meandering Mississippi."

"This is a very well crafted sculpture with a metalsmith's attention to connections, edges and surfaces. While aggressive in its lightning bolt jaggedness, the refractive qualities of its surfaces really speak more to its gem-like qualities that break up light rather than concentrate it. It is a visually intriguing sculpture and will draw attention next to the river."
Monolith Mantra V