Two-Headed Trojan Ducky

*People's Choice Award Winner*

2009 Art on the River Sculpture
Rob Neilson - Appleton, Wisconsin

Artist's Statement: This piece is a temporary monument to American rivers and waterways as cultural importer and exporter. It is my contention that America’s waterways have in the past, as well as the present, served as more than simply a thoroughfare for goods and commerce. Rather, they have functioned as both the way and means of transporting peoples, ideas, culture, language, and influence. The two heads on the duck are meant to reference the fact that influence is never a one-way proposition.
Two-Headed Trojan Ducky
Jurists' Comments:
"As for a piece of art that you can relate to your own past and the Mississippi River, Two-Headed Trojan Ducky does the trick. This humorous sculpture of a two headed ducky just puts a smile on your face. Kids of all ages are going to love this piece. I’m guessing this will be photographed more than any other work over the course of the next year. I envision lots of photos with kids near it."

"How can you not smile when you see a two- headed rubber ducky? Throw in the historical reference and it only increases the intellectual and visual fun you can have with large scale public art."