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Mission Statement

To protect, assist, and educate our community and visitors with pride, skill, and compassion.

Our Shared Values

Integrity: We serve in an honest and trustworthy fashion. We respect those we serve and are accountable to them.

Professional: We serve with a hard-working positive attitude. We are dedicated to consistently providing a high degree of excellence.

Compassion: We serve with a sense of community and brotherhood. We show empathy to those in need and seek ways to be helpful.

Skill: We serve with an understanding that our ability and competence is important in the lives of our neighbors. We maintain a high level of training.

Pride: We serve with a sense of tradition in a job well done. We strive to be prompt, safe, and fit for duty.

About Us

The Dubuque Fire Department is a progressive ISO class 2 Fire/EMS department situated along the banks of
the Mississippi River.

The core mission of Dubuque Fire is to serve by protecting, assisting, and educating our community and
visitors with pride, skill, and compassion. Through prevention and response, the department protects 60,000
residents over approximately 32 square miles of residential, commercial, high-rise, and river areas.

Our goal is to maintain Dubuque’s heritage of excellence by recruiting candidates that reflect the rich
makeup of our diverse population. We appreciate your interest and have provided information which will
guide you through the steps required to become a member of our elite firefighting team.