East West Corridor Capacity Improvements Project

The U.S. 20 corridor (also known as Dodge St.) in Dubuque is the primary east-west route in the City. Future traffic projections indicate that U.S. 20 alone will not provide sufficient capacity for travel from the east side of the city to the west with Dubuque’s projected growth. 

Capacity along other east/west roadways will need to be increased and improved to provide connectivity between the growing areas near the west and our vibrant downtown in the east. This realization became clear to the City in 2010 and prompted the East/West Corridor Connectivity Study.


Connectivity Study

Through traffic counts and photos and video analysis of Dubuque’s other east/west corridors, the City gained insight on travel times, intersection turning movement counts, and existing signal timings to determine traffic flow. This data was taken into consideration along with the potential traffic volume caused by diverting motorists from U.S. 20 onto these roadways. 

Ultimately, it was determined that other Dubuque roadways that span from the east of our city to its west had the potential to support growing capacity if roadway improvements were made including Pennsylvania Ave., University Ave., and Asbury Rd.

Progress to Date

In an effort to advance this City Council Top Priority, the City has completed several capacity and safety improvements.

East West Corridor Capacity Improvements To Date
Asbury Rd. - University Ave. Property Acquisition
Grandview Ave. - Delhi St. Roundabout
Loras Blvd. - Grandview Ave. Traffic Signals
University Ave. - Grandview Ave. Roundabout

Current Status

In December 2021, the City Council approved a contract with a consultant to complete the preliminary engineering design and environmental clearance phase, advancing the development of the East/West Corridor capacity improvements along University Ave., Asbury Rd., and Pennsylvania Ave. 

As design options are finalized, the City anticipates holding public information meetings with project stakeholders and property owners to seek input on preliminary design alternatives over the next year.

Information for Property Owners

Just as the law grants certain entities the right to acquire private property, you as the owner of the property have certain rights. Read the Statement of Property Owner's Rights.

The Iowa Department of Transportation has developed a brochure entitled Highways and Your Land. This booklet will acquaint property owners, tenants and the public with the procedures the Iowa Department of Transportation follows in acquiring right of way for a highway. It is not a source of technical definitions or legal advice. Further, it is not intended to establish a legal standard. Download the brochure.

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