Skip Willits - Camanche, Iowa

Artist's Statement
In the flow of the river, willow sticks, chewed clean, beautifully marked and sculpted, lay on the shoreline. Altered by the wild and magical beaver, these sticks are used in my work. My sculpture consists of beaver sticks woven into steel reinforced frames, creating a series of columns. “Oneota” refers to the Indian name for the Upper Iowa River in Northeast Iowa and the tribes that lived around it. Archeologists believe that the Oneota Indians are of Mississippi origin, possibly from the present site of St. Louis.

This piece is for sale and will be on display until June 2011.
Sales price - $5,000. For more information, click here.

Artist's Bio
The technique I use to help create my artwork, welded metal, is a skill I began learning at age ten from my father, who was a shop welder for 40 years. He taught me everything from the characteristics of materials such as steel, cast iron and aluminum to various techniques from arc to torch welding. In 1983, I placed my first large scale outdoor public sculpture. Since that time I’ve continued to make art and live, happily, on the banks of the Mississippi River.