Robert Craig - Des Moines, Iowa

Artist's Statement

My work points both inward to the inherent qualities of metal and outward to the constructed environment and to the history of the industrial age. Daredevil is part of a series of five large-scale fabricated steel sculptures that derive their form through the study of selected industrial and domestic objects. The abstract composite form of Daredevil retains some recognition to known things that lead to ideas of function and action. Color is a critical element, and the color was chosen to be as suggestive as the structure itself.

Artist's Bio

Robert Craig creates large-scale sculptures for public and private spaces. His work can be viewed in the collections of cities, museums, sculpture parks and universities. He actively participates in juried exhibitions throughout the United States. Robert lives in Des Moines ,IA, and he is a Professor of Art at Drake University. He received his MFA from Florida State University and BA from Eastern Illinois University.

Sales price - $28,000