Kristy Summers - Carbondale, Illinois

Artist's Statement

I think about my work as a way to understand and make realizations about myself and society, to make sense of a thread that is going to take me through life and lead me to a destination. My work is basic truths about myself. It is an exploration and acceptance of who I am and how I relate to my surroundings, I have been creating a series of life tools. A compass, balance, measuring stick, and contour gauge are some of the tools I have been working with. I have created a system using a simple mapping, to break down complexities. It has been through a process of building myself up and breaking myself down to find a balancing point. It’s all a part of understanding. 
An understanding that helps you grow and furthers yourself as a human being. Conglomeration of words taken from my sketchbooks over time are strength, resilience, the fight, the struggle, heart, solitude, center, ownership, control, reconstruction, deconstruction, passages, traces, remnants, finding your way.

Sales price - $26,000

Artist's Bio
Southern Illinois based artist Kristy Summers was born in Kansas City and now lives and works in Carbondale, IL. She received her MFA from Alfred University located in Alfred, NY. She has been teaching at Southern Illinois University since 2006 where she began as a fine art fellow. Currently teaching 3-D foundations and sculpture courses, Kristy also manages the art foundry at SIUC. In 2007, she was awarded best in show for the Sculpture Salmagundi exhibition held at the Imperial Center for the arts in Rocky Mount NC. She also received honorable mention for a work included in the Annual National Outdoor sculpture Competition in Boone, NY, in 2008. She has exhibited work in Illinois, Kansas, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama. She has been a guest artist at the University of Kansas, Florida State University, and will be a visiting artist at Franconia Sculpture Park at the hot metal pour in August 2010. Kristy continues to make current work in her studio in Carbondale show her work around the country.