I Fly, You Fly

Lisa Marie Evans - Tucson, Arizona

Artist's Statement

A zoetrope is a cylinder object with slits on the outside and still images on the inside that, when spun and viewed through the slits, creates the illusion of an animation. I Fly, You Fly is a sky blue zoetrope with a series of still images of a heron. As it spins, the heron flies. My approach with animation is to present themes of human interest in a childlike manner, which induces the viewer to understand the conceptual motivation and deeper meaning behind the work. The interactive aspect, while enjoyable for people, also models the interactive relationship we hold with the environment. As the zoetrope returns to its original image in a cyclical fashion, the theme of recycling and connectivity of existence between all living beings becomes apparent.

Artist's Bio
Lisa Marie Evans’ work is shown internationally and varies in form from feature length documentary and short animation to public art installation. Evans has worked as an instructor at the Kansas City Art Institute, the University of Missouri Kansas City and Artists, INC, a professional development course for artists. She has been a selected artist for Creative Capital’s Professional Development Workshop for Artists, the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City’s Inspiration Grant, Avenue of the Arts in Kansas City and Boynton Beach, and Charlotte Street Foundation's Urban Culture Project Studio Residency Program For Visual Artists. Evans recently moved to Tucson, AZ.  

I Fly You Fly
Sales price - $5,000