Twist and Shout

Andrew Arvanetes - Chicago, Illinois

Artist's Statement

My works are narrative in nature and employ a vocabulary of architecture and mechanics to describe the aesthetic. Twist and Shout reflects a personal celebration of my return to the Midwest after living so many years away from my home.

Artist's Bio

Andrew Arvanetes is from the Chicago area and holds BFA and MFA degrees from Northern Illinois University. Working in stainless steel, bronze and mild steel, Arvanetes has fabricated large outdoor sculptures, gallery-size works and low-relief wall constructions for over 25 years. He has exhibited his work throughout the United States, participating in exhibitions, competitions and public art projects. His work is included in numerous public and private collections. Arvanetes has recently returned to his Chicago roots after residing and operating sculpture studios elsewhere for many years. “Growing up in the Chicago area during the 1960s, I was exposed to a wide range of experiences. Most memorable were trips to the museums, White Sox games and to O’Hare Airport – just to watch the jets take off and land. In 1964 -1965, my family lived north of New York City. During this time I was fortunate to visit the New York World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows. From the Unisphere to the General Motors Futurama exhibit, many trips to the Fair created a lasting impression. I became fascinated with jet packs, flying cars, monorails, rockets, moon bases and robots, the 1960’s version of our ‘future.’ As an adult, I have become equally fascinated with the art and architecture of ancient civilizations.” He has traveled extensively during the last 15 years, visiting and experiencing at least 22 countries, with favorite destinations being archaeological sites. Memories of all of these experiences, both from childhood and as an adult, play an important role in the imagery found in his sculpture. Araventes has exihibed with Art on the River in 2008 with Tin Man and in 2009 with City Mouse.
Twist and Shout
Photo contributed by Digital Dubuque