Wishing, Well

Jeremy Rudd - Dyersville, Iowa

Artist's Statement

My work has consistently looked to the landscape, specifically man’s interaction with and augmentation of nature, as a source of inspiration. This sculpture is a visual allegory based upon my observations of large scale irrigation well systems and the resulting land formations around them. This method of bringing water to the surface to support growth, often in arid climates, has become more and more prevalent in the rural agricultural landscape around the world. As humans delve deeper and deeper to satisfy the need for fresh water, we deplete the sources faster than they can regenerate. In life, as in the sculpture, the deeper the well the less area it supports, serving the needs of fewer and fewer at higher costs. 

Artist's Bio

A native Iowan, Jeremy Rudd grew up in rural Benton County, thirty minutes outside Cedar Rapids. He attended Iowa State University, receiving a BFA in Visual Studies in 2001 with an emphasis on Three Dimensional Design. Rudd completed a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture at the College of Visual and Performing Arts of the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth in 2005. He has worked as a Professor of Fine Arts at Lasell College Boston, MA, and Bristol Community College, Fall River, MA. He is currently the Art Director for Divine Word College in Epworth, Iowa, and working on sculpture commissions around the state. 

Sales price - $5,000
Wishing, Well