Nicole Beck - Chicago, Illinois

Artist's Statement

Asteray is a organic form that suggests flora, fauna or perhaps a comet just prior to earthly impact. The stainless steel tubing is constructed very solidly but reads as delicate linear line work. At the heart of Nicole Beck’s artwork beats the rhythm and beauty of the dynamic systems found in nature and the sciences. Beauty and physics balance form with the concept. Her poetic forms are well crafted but quirky.

Artist's Bio

Nicole Beck has completed many public sculpture commissions and is exhibited nationwide. Diverse materials balance form with ideas. She has a hands-on approach in the construction of her sculptures and believes that process constitutes the work. The repertoire of media includes steel, glass, wood, fiberglass, mosaic and painted murals. Beck is also very active in creating collaborative murals and mosaics for public spaces with diverse groups of apprentice artists recruited from within the communities. Numerous projects include development of curricula that delves deep into all aspects of the community that inspires and informs the artworks.

Sales price - $15,000
Photo contributed by Digital Dubuque