Animal Control



Animal Control enforces the City Animal Ordinance which provides:
  • Licensing of all cats and dogs
  • Prohibition of dogs and cats running loose within the city
  • Inoculation of all dogs and cats against rabies
  • Prohibition of harboring a vicious animal
  • Prohibition of animals causing serious disturbance or annoyance to any person or neighborhood
This activity handles:
  • Stray cats and dogs
  • Barking dogs
  • Biting incidents
  • Capture of domestic or wild animals posing a health or safety threat
Stray animals are taken to the Dubuque Regional Humane Society shelter.

When dead wildlife is located in a city right-of-way, please contact the Public Works Department at 563-589-4250.

The Police Department handles animal complaints when Animal Control is off duty. For additional information or questions please contact Animal Control at 563-589-4185.
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Animal Control FAQ

View a list of frequently asked questions here.

Report Loose, Lost Animals

During normal working hours, call Animal Control at 563-589-4185. After hours, call Non-Emergency Police Dispatch at 563-589-4415.

Please include a description: 
  • Size/Color of the animal
  • Location
  • Collar/Tags
  • Owner information, if known

Pet Training & Vet Services

If you are in need of pet training or vet services, please see this list with all of the resources available in the city of Dubuque.

Cats Stuck in Trees

See our informational flyer about different ways to get cats down from trees or other high places.