1948 Stylemaster photos from 05-25-2012

The exterior of the vehicle is starting to look like a finished product, though a lot of work remains.  Wiring is being installed and a lot of work has taken place under the hood.
 Rear passenger side photo. A view from the back. 
 Brackets to hold the trim can been seen in this photo.
 New rubber gaskets have been installed around the trunk.
 Rear driver side photo.  Work under the hood.
 The curves of the '48 are highlighted in this photo.
 This photo shows progress under the hood.
 A view of the passenger side.  Wiring under the hood.
 The restored red light on the roof from the passenger side.
 Wiring work is taking place under the hood.
 A view from the front.
 A view from the front, including two horns.
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