Ganzfeld 2

Jeff Harms - Chicago, Illinois
Honorable Mention

Artist's Statement
A wooden cornucopia-shaped structure of bent wood - 4000 feet of pine lathe and 400 feet of 2x2s - Ganzfeld 2 was constructed on site over the course of three days. It illustrates a feeling of expansiveness within a defined space, seeming bigger from the inside than from the outside.

Artist's Bio
Jeff was educated as a painter at the University of Washington, his interest in drawing led to large scale, three dimensional drawings/sculptures.
Ganzfeld 2
At Brandeis University in 2000, studying sculpture, Jeff began to experiment with more outwardly personal modes of expression, got into proxemics, acting and music. He received an MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2004, studying with Goat Island and Indian Filmmaker Mani Kaul. Jeff also met playwright Brian Torrey Scott and began making theater. Since winning the PacEdge Festival Award in 2003, they have made over a dozen plays, films and performance events. In 2007 they won a residency at Catwalk in NY to make the short film “The Objects of Living”. In 2011, they finished a feature length movie built on improvisation and original songs called “Ganzfeld”. In 2005, Jeff produced and starred in the improvisation-driven film “A Thing as Big as the Ocean”. The film won IFP’s $50,000 Finishing Fund Grant. In 2009 he was a founding member of the vocal/dance improve group, “Stridulate”. Jeff has written four albums of original music. Jeff teaches art and music in Chicago.

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Sales Information

This piece is for sale and will be on display until June 2013.
Sales price - $5,000
400 ft. of pine 2x2s and 4,000 ft. of pine lathe
20’ x 14 ’x 12'
4,000 lbs. 

To purchase, contact the Arts and Cultural Affairs Coordinator by email or call 563-690-6064.