Dean Kugler - Davenport, Iowa

Artist's Statement

This is a first piece in a series of 3 poses that I am doing titled Blind Control. Right now these pieces are helping me to flesh out a lot of poses from my sketchbook that I have been compiling over the last few years. The title (as does most of my titles) speaks less about the work than the state in which it was created. Given my schedule as a business owner, father and husband, I have found it difficult to even begin, let alone finish, any work in the last few years. So this is me finally realizing that at some point I will never be in a perfect position to sculpt. So close my eyes and jump in.  

Artist's Bio
Dean has a BFA in sculpture and design from the Western Illinois University. He entered WIU in 1994 with an associate’s degree in kinesiology. Looking to finish with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, and during one of his electives, his instructor berated him for not doing something that he wanted to do and he felt that Dean was gifted for. It was then that Dean decided to go to college for himself. Dean changed his major to fine arts. Upon graduating, he and his wife moved to Colorado to continue in graduate work. While waiting for his wife to graduate, Dean got into construction. In construction, he was taking his passion for sculpture and turning it into unique design/build projects. Again, with the influence of a client and his wife, Dean decided to skip college and pursue the design end of construction full time. He now owns a company called Red Box Design Inc. in Davenport, Iowa. It is the only modern design/build company in the Quad Cities. His company has had the opportunity to create and construct many exciting projects in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas. They have also been featured in the Quad City Times and on the cover of a home magazine. During this time, Dean’s art has struggled to come to fruition. It always seemed that there were other things, wife, kids, business and hobbies to take him away from doing art. Finally last year, with his kids getting ready to graduate and his business doing well, Dean decided to make his sculpture a priority. In that time, he has finished 5 sculptures and multiple 2 dimensional pieces. The subject matter that he is passionate about is the figure. He finds beauty in the human form that is hard to describe. 

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