The Arts Mean Business

Arts Industry In Dubuque Generates $47.2 Million in Annual Economic Activity

The nonprofit arts and culture industry in Dubuque generates $47.2 million in annual economic activity, supporting 1,530 full-time equivalent jobs and generating $5 million in local and state government revenues and $36.7 million in household income to local residents, according to the Arts & Economic Prosperity IV national economic impact study.
The Arts Mean Business 
The most comprehensive economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry ever conducted in the United States, Arts & Economic Prosperity IV was conducted by Americans for the Arts, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts and arts education. The City of Dubuque was one of 182 study regions that participated in the study.

“Everyone can agree that the arts inspire, educate, engage and improve quality of life in Dubuque,” says Mayor Roy D. Buol. “The City Council has made the arts a high priority in our goals over the past decade. With this study, we now know, without a doubt, that the arts make good economic sense -- over $47 million dollars of sense.  The arts are absolutely an economic force in Dubuque. Any city would roll out the red carpet for an industry which supports 1,530 jobs.  The arts truly make Dubuque a ‘Masterpiece on the Mississippi.’”

To download a PDF of the complete Arts and Economic Prosperity IV in the City of Dubuque, click here.
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Two-page summary of the local Dubuque results

Dubuque Statistical Charts (how Dubuque fares against other communities of similar size) from the National Arts and Prosperity IV Report

Complete National Arts and Prosperity IV Report of all 182 study partners (Note: the document is 378 pages and 8.7 MB)

Brochure insert of local Dubuque results