Smarter Electricity Pilot Study Results

 Smarter Electricity Icon Dubuque's Smarter Electricity Pilot studywas a Smarter Sustainable Dubuque project conducted in collaboration with IBM Research, and Interstate Power and Light Company, an Alliant Energy Company. The goal of the pilot was to demonstrate that informed and engaged citizens could save money, conserve electricity, and make their community more sustainable.

 The City of Dubuque recruited 1,000 volunteer residents and Alliant Energy, Dubuque's electrical utility, installed 1,000 "smart" electricity meters. The pilot delivered information, insights, and actionable intelligence to more than 700 Dubuque volunteer households. The pilot study lasted five months, from July to November 2011, and resulted in both electricity consumption reductions and cost savings for the volunteer participants:
  • Consumption analysis showed that the portal users, on average, saw an approximate 4% monthly savings;
  • Portal users who signed up for electricity-saving “activities” achieved a higher average monthly savings of 7%; 
  • 68% of the electricity portal users said it increased their understanding of their electricity use;
  • 45% said it helped them find specific ways to reduce their individual usage; and
  • 79% reported taking some action to conserve electricity during the pilot study, with most shifting electricity use to non-peak hours and reducing the use of standby power (phantom consumption).
CLICK HERE to view IBM Research's complete Smarter Electricty Portal Pilot Study Report.