What is the purpose of the Smarter Health & Wellness Pilot Study?
The goal of Smarter Sustainable Dubuque has been to give residents the information they need to make smarter choices, related to how they use resources such as water, electricity, etc. Volunteer households are needed for the Smarter Health and Wellness Pilot Study, which seeks to give residents the information they need to make smarter choices in using one of their most precious resources – their health and wellness – by reducing their health risks and supporting them in the nutritional, exercise and weight management activities they choose to pursue.

Is there a particular phone I need to have to participate in the study?
The apps required for collection of data can be used on Android  smart phones only.

What type of information is collected?
IBM Research has developed two smart phone applications to collect data from volunteers.  The first app features  “micro-sensing” technology to record their activity and movement.  The second app is for data collection on activities, goals and comparative “how am I doing?” feedback.  

Will my personal information be shared with anyone?
Any data collected through simple questions and the smartphone application will be made anonymous before being analyzed.

Can I access the data that is being collected?
Yes.  Participants will be able to track their progress and enter more specific information through the IBM Citizen Engagement Solutions Platform app on their phone.