Conscious of Her Shores

Jayson Lowrey - Williamsburg, Virginia

Artist's Statement

This piece is part of a body of work that is an extended metaphor for contemplating correlations in how people interacted with one another and how they shape their environment. The ruins and relics of past societies are fascinating. The idea of a society in the distant future interpreting the ruins, relics, and garbage of our society is interesting to me. The remnants of places and objects we make and live with now may not make sense to someone finding them at the bottom of a hole a few thousand years from now. There may well be some misinterpreting of the purposes and significance of the things we take for granted. How would someone interpret the ruins of a place like an airport if knowledge of flight were completely lost?

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Artist's Bio
Jayson Lowery has a MFA from Wayne State University (2004) and a BFA from Northern Arizona University (2000). He moved to Williamsburg, VA in 2009 to start work at the College of William and Mary, where he teaches 3-D Foundations. He lived and worked in Detroit, Michigan for 7 years, and taught sculpture at Wayne State University. He often works on a life size and larger scale and has exhibited in galleries and in outdoor exhibitions nationally and internationally. Commissions include work installed at the Auburn Hills, Michigan and the Telford, England offices of Electronic Data Systems Inc. (EDS Inc.), and a centerpiece for the Thomas Bonner Memorial Court on the Wayne State University main campus, Detroit, Michigan. In 2003 he was selected to participate in the Art on the Move Summer Mentorship and Artist Residency programs.
Conscious of Her Shores

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