River Boat Bench

Don Lawler - Stephensport, Kentucky

Artist's Statement

This design for this bench was created after the artist researched the history and demographics of the Port of Dubuque. A contemporary artistic interpretation of a river boat or barge slowly turns out into the current of the Mississippi River. The reference includes the past (river boat traffic and construction) and the present (barges and the river boat casino) importance that river boats have for the city of Dubuque. It is carved out of a single piece of hard-as-granite Indiana Limestone.
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Artist's Bio
Don grew up as an only child on a 175 acre family farm in rural Meade County, Kentucky (across the road from Doe Run Inn, a stone grist mill built in 1832) and graduated from Meade County High School in 1979. 1983 - Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Centre College of Danville, Kentucky. 1984-85 - Pursued a sculpture career while residing in Mt. Shasta, California. 1986 - Apprenticeship with the Louisville bronze sculptor, Barney Bright. 1987-89 - Apprenticeship with the Louisville stone sculptor, Paul Fields. 1990 - Returned to Meade County, Kentucky and pursued a full-time career in stone sculpture from the studio located in Ekron, Kentucky. 2000 - Formed Lawler-White Sculpture Studios, Inc. with corporate partner, Meg White. 2001 - Moved the sculpture studio to the current location near Stephensport, Kentucky. The studio and home is located adjacent to Yellowbank Wildlife Management Area near the Ohio River.
River Boat Bench

Sales price - $6,650