Quarks VI

Guy Bellaver - St. Charles, Illinois

Artist's Statement

Quarks VI – is made from fiberglass and steel rod, expanding the artist’s exploration within the Quarks series from the earlier bronze pieces. The color palette of this piece is a strong green-blue. This vibrant color allows the sculpture to clearly differentiate and utilize both its positive and negative spaces.

The Quarks Series is inspired by Fermilab - the proton-antiproton collider that investigates high-energy physics, the science of matter, space, and time. The collision images are the basis for the Quarks Series, which explores mass that is exploding and creating disintegrating arcs - the fiberglass segments represent mass, and the rod represents that mass leaving one area, and exploding into another. Each sculpture in the series continues the artist's career-long exploration of the relationship of positive to negative space, and the energy of their interaction.

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Artist's Bio
Guy J. Bellaver is a sculptor whose works span many media, including stone, wood, painted steel, and bronze. He has nearly 30 pieces of public art on display which include major public art and liturgical projects in Geneva, Elgin, and St. Charles, IL; Latrobe, PA; and Boston, MA. Bellaver’s sculptures have been in outdoor exhibitions including the Rosen Sculpture Exhibition, Boone, NC; Avenue of Sculpture, Art Chicago; IL; Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, CO; Sculpture Tour Salina, KS; SculptureWalk, Sioux Falls, SD; Sculptures on the Promenade, Edina, MN; among others. Bellaver’s sculptures are in many corporate, university, and civic collections including the Potawatomi Cultural Museum, WI; Armstrong County, PA; ECC, IL; Batavia Arts Centre, IL; Forbes Health, PA; Graphite Sales, OH; H.J. Heinz, PA; Hiram College, OH; Indiana University, PA; Property Investment Company, IN; and St. Vincent College, PA; among others. His work appears in private collections around the country.

Quarks VI

Sales price - $8,000