Prairie Walker

James Johnson - Charleston, Illinois

Artist's Statement

As a sculptor, I have always been concerned with creating works of art that cause the viewer to pause and reflect upon their surroundings and in doing so become more aware of the environment that they are passing through. In addition, each work of art that I have designed and fabricated is a reflection of past experiences that have shaped my life and the interest that I have in ancient cultures, especially the Mayan and Inca that used art as a means of understanding their place in the history of mankind. Equally important has been my use of the arch as a means of transforming the viewer from a place and time of activity to one of calm and reflection. Prairie Walker was completed in the summer of 2011. In many ways it is a reflection of my experiences of living in the Southwest and Western United States in the early years of my life. Traveling through the wide-open spaces of deserts and prairies I was taken with the images that man-made structures made against the horizon and how in the heat of summer they seemed to move. Later in life I was involved in track events and would often train by running across the prairie and through vast wheat fields, it is perhaps the combination of these experiences that are reflected in Prairie Walker.

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Artist's Bio
The artistic career of James Johnson spans over 40 years. As a sculptor/artist, he has participated in over 60 regional and national juried and invitational exhibitions, completed 10 major works of art in aluminum and Corten steel, ranging in size from 12 to 25 feet in height which are on exhibit in Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas, and Indiana. He has received six grants from state and local institutions to develop glassblowing and bronze casting facilities and was selected as one of five sculptors to participate in a research project at the University of Costa Rica. In addition, he served as an artist-in-residence at Anderson College in Anderson, Indiana, where he designed and fabricated a 17’ 2,000 lb. large-scale public sculpture. He was also selected as guest instructor at the Texas Tech University summer program in Junction, Texas, and the Penland School of Arts and Crafts in Penland, North Carolina.

Prairie Walker

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