WaterSmart FAQs

Do I need a new water meter or any additional equipment to participate?
No. Each household and business in Dubuque received a new water meter with the city-wide meter replacement program that ended in 2011.  WaterSmart interfaces with these new meters.   

I have more than one utility account with the City of Dubuque. Am I able to view all my accounts at once? 
Yes, customers with multiple accounts are able to access them all at once with WaterSmart. WaterSmart users can add additional accounts in “Account Settings.”

Can I receive notifications if there is unusual water consumption at my residence while I am away?
Yes, you are able to set up alarms on your WaterSmart account to notify you if there is water usage while you are gone. 

I already pay my water bill online through the City’s website. Will that change?
The City’s existing online utility bill payment option, available at www.cityofdubuque.org/utilitybilling, will eventually be transitioned to process entirely through WaterSmart. This is anticipated to occur by the end of 2018. At that point, all customers who wish to pay water bills online will need to register for WaterSmart.