Understand Our Approaches

How We Approach Our Work

We take a variety of approaches to our work based on the specific individual, group, or community issue we are trying to address.  We view compliance as the bare minimum and we partner with others who are committed to providing improved access to services for various segments of the population.

Overview of Approaches

Intercultural Approach
An intercultural approach is used when there are issues involving a lack of awareness, understanding, knowledge, or skill in working across cultural differences.

Legal Approach
A legal approach is used when there are issues involving legalities.

Reach-In Approach
A reach-in approach is used when there are individuals or groups who are not well connected in the community.

Community Engagement Approach

A community engagement approach is used when there are issues that require opportunities for community members to influence decision making and/or contribute towards solutions to complex community needs.

Our work and areas of focus each year are determined based on Council goals and priorities and needs identified in the community.  We identify needs by reviewing issues and concerns communicated to our office by residents, departments, and organizations; needs identified by community groups and organizations we work with; and community-wide needs assessments.