Our Intercultural Approach

We use an intercultural approach to our interactions with people.  This means that we acknowledge that each of us is a member of various cultural groups, we accept that culture influences how each of us views the world, and we learn skills to mutually adapt our behavior so that we can meet shared goals.  Inside the City organization, our shared goal is to use our differences towards more effective service for all members of the public.  Out in the community, our shared goal is to build intercultural skills among more people and to support collaborative efforts to more effectively deliver services around basic needs to all members of the public.

Our interactions with residents and departments indicate many people are interested in:

  • reducing assumptions and stereotypes based on limited or false information about individuals and groups
  • increasing acceptance of peoples' differences and learning ways to adapt to each other when living and working together
  • working across boundaries to identify and address structural barriers that limit opportunity and access to city and community services
  • providing ways for staff and community members to be integrated and contributing to the workplace and community
  • maintaining safety between people who have deep differences in cultural beliefs, values, and behaviors
As we do our work, we continually keep in mind that culture change is a process that must take into account the following things:

  • current staff and public resources
  • ability and skills of the individuals involved
  • the overall system and context in which we are operating
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