Time Warp

2014 People's Choice Award
Tommy Riefe - Davenport, Iowa 

Artist's Statement

When creating sculpture in my primary concern deals with the spatial relationship between the object and the viewer. I am interested in creating objects that are vehicles for observers to experience and re-imagine the space around them. My sculpture matter often derives from astrological events and natural phenomena, as I believe these subjects possess a powerful aura that flutters between the subjects of transcendence and scientific exploration.

The piece “Time Warp” was constructed through the University of Northern Iowa Public Art Incubator, and is an attempt to bridge the gap between earth and the cosmos. The form of the sculpture derives from the hypothetical astrological wormhole, which creates a tunnel that acts as a “shortcut” through a large distance of space. Similarly, “Time Warp” is a paraboloid that is being stretched between two different parts of space. The piece expands rapidly at one mouth of the paraboloid creating a seven foot spherical void that viewers can enter and experience the sensation of being engulfed in a vortex. The opposing mouth is cantilevered in the air and directed slightly upward eluding the form having extraterrestrial origin.
Time Warp

Artist's Bio

I was born in 1991 and grew up in Davenport, IA. I am currently completing my BFA at the University of Northern Iowa with an emphasis in Sculpture. Over the past few years I had the opportunity to work for the Waterloo Center for the Arts as an assistant for visiting artists. Studying sculpture allowed me to work for the Public Art Incubator in the Department of Art as a fabricator. I have participated in eight group exhibitions including "Space Exploration", Waterloo Center for the Arts, 2012: Annual Department of Art Student Exhibition, 2013.

Sales price - $6,500

Welded 16 gauge stainless steel
88" x 87" x 169"
250 lbs.