At the Water's Edge

Best of Show Winner

Zachary Bowman - Ankeny, Iowa

Artist's Statement

For this piece I was thinking about both land and water. Every place on earth has one of these elements. What's different about Iowa is it's spectacular resource of both land and water. Iowa has some of the best soil in world for farming and according to, Des Moines, Iowa, was ranked best on their list of U.S. cities with the cleanest drinking water.

I started to think about the animals that live in both of these areas (land and water) and the most recognizable creatures I came up with was a bird and a fish. I then extracted different shapes and elements from each subject to come up with an abstract, representational sculpture for both land and water. For example, the elements I like most on fish are fins, scales, and the overall shape of the bodies. For birds I like beaks, feathers, and wings. Once the viewer explores the piece they will find details that relate to the elements mentioned above. Layering of metal represents scales, long swooping pointed shapes represents beaks and or wings, the overall shape of the sculpture is reminiscent of both a bird and a fish, the orientation of the piece implies flight, so on and so forth.

By using simple shapes and extracting several elements from both birds and fish I was able to create “At the Water’s Edge”.
Waters Edge

Artist's Bio

Zachary George Bowman was born in 1988 in Carroll, Iowa. He received his BFA in Sculpture and a minor in Art History at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls Iowa in 2012. From 2010-2012, Zachary was a lab monitor and studied sculpture and ceramics at the UNI Ceramic Studio. In 2011, he was a metal fabricator for the Percent For Art Program at the University of Northern Iowa. Bowman was commissioned for outdoor sculptures in Coon Rapids, Iowa, in 2010 and 2011. His recent group exhibitions include the Annual Department of Art Juried Student Exhibition and the No-one Knows Me Like Yunomi exhibit at UNI, and the Raccoon River Art Fair Juried Show in Coon Rapids.

Sales price - $8,900

Stainless and Mild Steel, coated penetrol
5' x 9' x 7.5'
400 lbs.