Environmental & Sustainability Management System

In March 2013, the City of Dubuque began pursuing the Environmental & Sustainability Management System (ISO 14001) certification for the Municipal Services Center located at 925 Kerper Ct.  An Environmental & Sustainability Management System helps an organization develop a management system and standards to reduce negative impact of its actions on the environment, reduce cost of waste management, and increase savings in consumption of energy and materials.  It also helps an organization plan for continuity of operations.
ESMS Horizontal logo
The City of Dubuque has adopted an Environmental & Sustainability Commitment for the Municipal Services Center.  We are evaluating our operations and setting goals to lessen our negative impact on the environment in the following areas:
  • Electricity and natural gas consumption
  • Stormwater management
  • Small container management
  • Deicer materials handling
  • Fuel delivery and spill cleanup