ADA Compliance and Transition Plan Information

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Questions and Answers related to ADA Compliance and Transition Plan RFP (updated September 30, 1:55 PM):
  • Question:  In the Requirements for Proposals section of the RFP, the City of Dubuque states “Submit a minimum of three (3) ADA Transition Plan projects utilizing your software/application and the types of features being inspected.”   Is [this] requirement absolute or will Dubuque consider configurable solutions that may easily accommodate the data requirements to manage the ADA Compliance and Transition Plan?

  • Answer:  You may submit a proposal.  You need to be transparent about not meeting the requirement as stated.  Submission of similar examples of other data sets or projects as examples of your capabilities can be done but there is no guarantee the evaluation team will see them as a comparable to proposals meeting the requirement. 
  • Question:  Does the City have a budget for this project?
  • Answer:  The City budgeted about $60,000 for this software, with a yearly operating cost of $4,500.
  • Question:  Was ArcGIS Enterprise Server installed with web service capabilities?
  • Answer:  Yes.
  • Question:  If they did install with web service capabilities, would the City prefer a back end process to pull data from the database (which would be set up daily, weekly, or monthly).  Or, does the City prefer a manual pulling and importing of GIS information?
  • Answer:  The City prefers the data be stored in ArcGIS Server as a feature class or dataset.  If the Vendor does not offer that option, the Vendor needs to fully describe and recommend a process for moving the data from their software or application into the City's ArcGIS Server database.
  • Question:  When the City uses the phrase "iPad or similar device," does similar device mean a tablet that is either produced by Apple or Droid?
  • Answer:  When using the phrase "iPad or similar device," the City means a mobile web-enabled tablet.  Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile would be some examples of acceptable device developers.
  • Question:  How many users are anticipated for the use of the product?
  • Answer:  The City anticipates there will be 2-5 users of the software/application at any given time.  The City anticipates 2-3 people would be using the software/application on mobile devices for inspections, while 2-3 others would use the software/application on their desktops if necessary.